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Home Presale Consulting

How it works:
1. Get in contact with us:​​​​​
Contact us with details about how we can be an advocate for your home. Send us an email using the contact form, call us, or fill out the Home Presale Consultation Form to let us know how we can help make selling your home easier for you.​​​
2. Schedule an initial consultation

After we have received your request, we will contact you to schedule an online initial consultation. At this point, we can explain the stages involved in the sale of your home, and address any questions or concerns you have about the individual components.

3. Make us your Home Advocate

Once the initial consultation is completed, we can offer a full range of services to be your home advocate. This includes performing a Presale Home Inspection, and creating a multi-stage report to create a baseline analysis as an aid to help you sell your home.

4. Sell your house with less stress

Get started selling your home knowing you have someone you can trust. Current Works Construction can help deal with surprises that come up along the way, so you know the facts for every situation. 

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